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Max McMurdo - Modern Furniture... from the Junkyard?

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Max McMurdo - Modern Furniture…From the Junkyard?

As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If this is true, then the man in question must be furniture designer Max McMurdo, who is transforming ordinary junk into some truly extraordinary pieces of furniture. McMurdo’s UK based reestore is dedicated to different kind of eco design, eschewing the "natural" look of most eco-friendly materials for a more industrial, contemporary flair. And the shop is winning raves for the results.

The firm’s most popular piece is named Silvana (all pieces have friendly “people” names, as you will soon realize), a gleaming stainless steel washing machine drum -- lit from within, topped with frosted glass and reincarnated as the ultimate side table. Funky Max, named for his creator, first entered the world as a cast iron bathtub, but has been reborn as a comfy chaise complete with upholstery in your choice of cheeky fabrics. For car lovers, there’s Alan, the reclining chair constructed from the comfy leather seat of a Saab. You can’t go wrong with that kind of lumbar support! But for a chair that is truly out there, Annie the shopping cart chair takes the cake. And yes, the wheels have been removed – so you don’t have to worry about rolling across your living room floor.
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