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5 Star Luxury on the Red Sea

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Red Sea, Jeddah City, Dubai

With all the attention being paid to Dubai lately what with another record breaking skyscraper being constructed every other week it's easy to overlook the fact that the rest of the Middle East is packed with luxury destinations ready to cater to the discriminating international traveler.  One such destination is the Jeddah Corniche, a strip of coastline running more than 20 miles along the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia based in Jeddah City.  Jeddah holds a record of its own, as home to the world's tallest fountain.  It's also home to the Rosewood Corniche, a modern hotel that promises "a flawless combination of the latest technology, spectacular design and unprecedented sophistication."

The five-star hotel is an interesting mix of the modern and traditional a striking, 17-story cylindrical tower detailed with traditional columns and intricate Middle Eastern tile work.  All 127 guest rooms and suites feature wireless, high-speed internet and flat screen TV's, along with spectacular views of the Red Sea below.  Included in this are the rooms on Saudi Arabia's only "Ladies Floor," an entire floor of the hotel catering exclusively to female travelers.  It's a telling reminder of the collision of ancient tradition and modern luxury that defines modern Middle Eastern life. Luckily, both men and woman are welcome to use the rooftop pool.  Taking a dip while the sun sets over the Red Sea, you'll feel totally and completely indulged.
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