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Another Reason to Visit China, The Homa Libre Hotel

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A few years ago, a trip to China was hardly luxurious, with travelers limited to accommodation consisting primarily of grim, grey block Communist-style buildings.  But as China continues to flex its economic muscle on the world stage, a new crop of hotels are popping up that will not only please discerning international travelers, but amaze them.  And with the Beijing Olympics fast approaching, now is the time to let the world in on yet another amazing Chinese travel destination.
Located in the
South China area known as the Yanshan District, near the city of Guilin, is the HOMA Libre -- otherwise known as the Hotel of Modern Art.  The only Chinese hotel member of the Relais & Chateaux group, it features 46 individually-designed rooms boasting ultra-modern furniture and design.  The hotel is set among 200 contemporary sculptures including an interactive piece with the irresistible name of Jimmy's Cartoon World.   The dining facilities are amazing, as are the spa and lounge not to mention a gallery created from what look like the tentacles of a crystal jellyfish.  If you're a modern design lover and are planning to be in China this summer anyway, the HOMA Libre is definitely worth a side trip. 
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