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Le Corb Meets Cambodia?

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European style, modern furniture

Mid-century modern furniture in the Southeast Asian jungle?  It`s difficult to picture Colonel Kurtz slowly going bonkers perched inside a Ball Chair.  But Knai Bang Chatt has brought European style to Cambodia, replacing the mage of traditional, peaked-roof wooden buildings with sleek, modern, dare we say urban design.  The resort, which consists of a three private villas offering 11 minimalist-chic rooms, was constructed in a style influenced by none other than Le Corbusier – in fact one of the villas was built by a protĂ©gĂ© of Vann Molyvann, who studied under Le Corb himself.  The result is a resort destination that combines timeless modern architecture with a breathtaking setting that feels a million miles from anywhere.

Technically, Knai Bang Chatt is actually a very bumpy, three hour drive from Phnom Penn.  The hair-raising drive must be worth it, as Conde Nast Traveler named the resort one of the best of 2008.  The property boasts elevated beds that face either the Gulf of Thailand or landscaped gardens, canopy beds by the pool and on the beach, expert-led excursions to all the local landmarks, and a blind masseuse who specializes in deep tissue massage.  And if all that opulence in the midst of a Third World country makes you feel guilty, no worries.  The hotel helps the local population by sponsoring an agricultural cooperative in the area.
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