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New Panton Chair Enters Production

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In 1967, mid-century master Verner Panton entered the Pantheon of modernist design with the first ever cantilevered chair to be molded from a single piece of plastic.  The sexy, slinky seat became a ‘60s sensation, then roared to a comeback in 1995 co-starring alongside a naked Kate Moss on the cover of British Vogue.  It was the dawn of the retro-chic era, spawning real estate agents who specialized in Neutras and Eichlers, brisk sales of reproductions of mid-century furniture, fabrics and accessories, and a renewed obsession with names like Eames, Nelson, Saarinen and Aarnio. 

Today, almost 14 years later, the original Panton chair is everywhere (including my neighborhood cafĂ©, and trust me, they are AMAZING to sit on).  Now, another Panton masterpiece is set to join them, and amazingly, it’s brand new.  Called the Amoebe for its fluid, organic shape, this close-to-the-floor, upholstered lounge chair was originally dreamed up for 1970’s Visiona 2 exhibition.   Then, for some reason, it disappeared, never joining its more famous brothers on the world stage.  But this ultra-cool chair is getting as second chance at stardom.  The Vitra Company, known for authorized reproductions of most of the mid-century icons, has added the Amoebe to its line.   Will it become another classic?  Check back with us in 40 years and we’ll fill you in!

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