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Treehouse Hotel a green exrerience with no regrets

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For people who really, really, really love nature comes a new hotel that is so at one with its surroundings, you might not even see it.  Designed by Swedish firm Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter, this Treehouse Hotel really allows you to sleep in the trees, up among the leaves in an actual treehouse in the sky.   The hotel uses the popular architectural technique of covering a building with mirrors to allow it to blend into its surroundings.  And while this technique more often than not results in a giant mirrored box sitting in the middle of a city, the Swedes have gotten it right.  The elegant, mirrored cubes that double as hotel rooms really are almost invisible, reflecting the trees and the forest around them to such a degree that the cubes themselves are hard to see.

Each of the hotel rooms includes a sleeping area, a separate living area, a terrace and even a kitchen for preparing your own meals in the trees.  However, just like the tree house you may have had as a child, the hotel rooms lack what many might see as an essential feature – a bathroom!  And since the models we’ve seen also appear to lack a ladder, children may be the only guests nimble enough to get inside them.  We bet the ladder and bathroom options will be added later.

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