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If you're up for a new kind of travel adventure, and happen to be in or around the Austrian city of Linz, check out the Dasparkhotel.  But only if you don't mind minimalism at it's most minimal.  Created by designer Andreas Strauus, each room in the hotel is actually a repurposed, two meter-long concrete drain pipe.  Within each pipe-slash-room is enough headroom to stand up, along with a double modern bed, storage for your luggage, light, power, a warm woolen blanket for those chilly nights and a light cotton sleeping bag.  Other hotel services like toilets, showers, a cafĂ© and a minibar are located nearby on the premises – although not within your own personal drainpipe space. 

The hotel's website describes their unique take on accommodation as a "temporary comfortable uncomplicated home for a certain time."  Apparently, how long you stay is up to you.  And amazingly, so is how much you pay.  In keeping with the hippy-dippy, egalitarian spirit of inviting people to sleep in a drainpipe, Dasparkhotel also invites their guests to pay whatever they see fit for the experience.  So at the very least, it's definitely a bargain.  The hotel is only open from May through October, and while it may not be your personal dream vacation ideal, it's definitely worth at least a drive-by!

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