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Wood Free Wood Floors

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If you're trolling the web for the latest offerings in eco-friendly flooring, we've uncovered something completely new.  It looks kind of like a three year old dumped the biggest box of wooden blocks in the world on the ground, then assembled them together in a jumble of shapes and shades.  It might have to be a supernaturally gifted three year old, as the blocks fit together seamlessly.  But it's definitely a different look that mixes up the traditional idea of what a wood floor is supposed to look like.

Still, the most un-traditional thing about this floor which is actually called Block Wood is that it contains no actual wood whatsoever.  None.  Nada.  Not even the slimmest slice of veneer.  Instead, Block Wood flooring should be called Block Vinyl, since not a single tree gave its life to create this floor.  This 100% tree-free rating means Block Wood floors 36-inch square tiles yes, wood-like vinyl in the shape of a tile -- are eligible for LEED credit.  Which is a fancy way of saying Al Gore would definitely approve.  But would your designer?  Check it out for yourself at It may be the perfect option for ecologically-minded tree lovers everywhere. 

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