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Crypton... Fabric of Steel

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Last month marked the 15th anniversary of a material that's like something out of a comic book.   The story begins in 1993, in the basement of a Michigan home, where husband-and-wife scientists Craig and Randy Rubin set out to create the ultimate fabric.  A fabric that's able to resist moisture and bacteria.  Strong enough to repel even the toughest stain.  Yet soft and breathable like the finest natural fibers.  Together with the advice of a team of experts, the Rubins succeeded in combining their knowledge and experience to develop what can only be described as a super fabric.  So they christened it with a super name.  They called it…Crypton.

Today, the fabric is an international success that graces countless hospitals, hotels and homes, including upscale digs like Buckingham Palace and the White House.  It's used for everything from medical scrubs to luxury upholstery.  It resists stains, mold, moisture, mildew, odor and bacteria.  It comes in amazing array of styles and textures, including Suede, Textures, Prints and Twills, Chenille and Velvet, so there's a Crypton for every possible style and purpose.  And on top of all that, it's now eco-friendly thanks to Crypton Green, which is woven from sustainable materials.  Now that's what we call Super.

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