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Dunkin Donuts Goes Green

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Eating donuts may not be the best thing for your body, but at least now it will be a whole lot better for the planet.  In St. Petersburg, Florida, the popular Dunkin' Donuts has chain just opened the doors to their first "green" store.  This donut franchise isn't just green, it's actually Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (or LEED) certified.  The store was clearly built with sustainability in mind, with insulated concrete foam walls a must to cut air conditioning usage in the hot Florida climate as well as energy-efficient lighting, motion sensors for restrooms and offices, water-efficient plumbing and low-flush toilets.  Patrons are even encouraged to bring their own coffee mugs, and are rewarded with a discount.

However, the most obvious feature of the new, green Dunkin' Donuts might cause you to lose your appetite for donuts altogether it's a worm farm.   Together with local company Mother's Organics, the "farm" is actually a solar-powered tank that houses 80 (yes, 80!) pounds of red earthworms.  The worms eat the store's waste products, including paper products, donut scraps and the grounds from their famous, award-winning coffee.  The worms' waste is then converted into fertilizer, completing the great circle of life.   It may not make you hungry for a donut, but you've at least got to admire their commitment!

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