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Eco Luxury in Nicaragua

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You love the planet.  You care about saving it, even when you travel.  But does that mean you have to give up the little touches that make a vacation…a vacation?  Thankfully not at Morgan's Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge, where luxury and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.   Located in the still-undiscovered tourist mecca of Nicaragua's Pacific coast, Morgan's Rock sits on a beach that is not only one Central America's most beautiful, but is a nesting ground for giant sea turtles.  The entire resort is part of a 1,000-hectare tree farming and reforestation project, and includes an 800-hectare private nature reserve that is one of Central America last natural sanctuaries on the Pacific Coast.

So where does all the planet saving end and the indulgence begin?  Most likely in your bungalow, a blend of rustic and modern that is so gorgeous, you may skip the sea turtles entirely and spend the whole day in your king-sized bed.  All bungalows are built from sustainable local woods, and face west to take in the ocean and the beautiful sunsets.  And while they were designed to provide shelter from the elements, they exist in harmony with nature -- some have a tree growing out through the roof, or an indoor beach garden.  But the piece de resistance has to be the 110-meter suspension bridge that connects the bungalows with the main lodge over a forested canyon.  There's no better way to view the planet you're saving.
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