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Hippie Chic Goes Down Under

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Hippie Chic, Hippie mecca, San Francisco

If you're looking for the ultimate in hippie chic, look across the Equator and the Pacific, to Australia.  On a small farm in the Mt. Lofty ranges, self-titled "botanical alchemist" India Flint is creating some of the most beautiful, eco-friendly fabrics in the world.  Flint uses a fabric dying method she bases on a Latvian technique used to dye Easter eggs by wrapping them in leaves and covering them with onion skins.  The result is a soft, natural-looking color that shows the features of the leaves.  Flint's dyes and materials are all 100% natural and mostly grown on her farm, and the fabric itself is made from wool from her own sheep.   

Flint's signature fabrics, featuring patterns of natural leaves and flowers, are genuine works of art.  They've been displayed in galleries and museums across Australia, along with one in the original Hippie mecca, San Francisco.   But this couture quality tie dye isn't just for admiring, it's for wearing.  Flint's floaty tops and dresses, called the Watermarks collection, are the ultimate in hippie chic.  Of course, since all garments are made to order, entirely by hand, only well-heeled hippies can actually afford them.   They can feel even better knowing that Flint plants a tree for every garment she sells to give back to the planet that inspires her.

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