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Recycled Wood Floors

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Say you love the rich, clean and natural look of wood floors.  But at the same time, you also love the natural look of actual trees.  It's a design conundrum that has plagued eco-conscious builders and remodelers ever since…well, ever since there were eco-conscious builders and remodelers.   Those wood lovers who want to remain true to their green ideals have had a fairly limited range of choices.  They could opt for a wood substitute or laminate, use sustainable bamboo, or come up with an entirely different design idea using concrete or recycled tires.  Until now.  LV Wood Floors has made wood safe for the planet again, with a real wood floor that will please both the style fanatic and the dedicated greenie. 

It's called the Reclaimed line, and it features wood that has been pre-loved – salvaged from demolished buildings around the world.  LV's selection of oak, hickory, chestnut, maple and pine floors come from a variety of sources, from old American barns to a large, Thai monastery.  The result is real wood flooring with character and personality that's also earth-friendly.  And for those who prefer a little less character, a custom whitening treatment will give the floor the sleek, even appearance of more typical wood flooring.  Whatever your style, LV Reclaimed wood flooring is an ideal choice for the eco and style-conscious.

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