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Saving Buildings - The Latest Recycling Trend

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Saving Buildings  The Latest Recycling Trend

The worldwide economy is in crisis. Global warming threatens the planet. Which has resulted in a surprising new boom in preservation. Since the greenest and most economically-friendly building is one that has already been built, preservationists and eco experts are working together to save some structures that might otherwise be headed for demolition. In the USA, this trend restore several mid-century office buildings to their Mad Men-era glamour, including the Walter Gropius-led Architects Collaborate designed AIA Headquarters, originally built in 1959, and Chicago's famous Inland Steel building, which first opened in 1958. The "green recovery" of these buildings and many more is part of President Obama's long-term plan for economic recovery, transforming buildings that are currently massive energy wasters into models of eco-efficiency. Meanwhile, across the globe in Hong Kong, the city's famed housing tenements are also going green. The Atria Green Residences are a group of Chinese-designed apartments dating back to the 1960s. The buildings have enormous heritage value to the city, but have fallen into disrepair and decay until now. The buildings are being transformed via renewable energy sources like solar energy and green roofs, while the apartments themselves are receiving sleek upgrades including new appliances and eco-friendly furniture. It's nice to know that something good is coming out of this era of economic and environmental crisis.
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