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Stools for Wine and Earth Lovers

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You probably know the Vitra furniture manufacturing firm is best known for their authorized reproductions of mid-century modern classics like Panton and Eames chairs and Noguchi tables.  What you might not know is that the venerable firm is behind some of the newest innovations in modern furniture as well, with a stable of young, cutting-edge designers constantly creating new and innovative products.   One of those designers, Jasper Morrison, is gaining attention for a simple, eco-friendly design he first developed in 2004, for a series of small, relatively inexpensive (under $400 apiece) stools he christened the "Cork Family."

The "family" in question is described by Vitra as "three small friends, robustly built, stable, individual in character and lovable in appearance."  The three stools are all different in design one most closely resembles a barbell, one a thread spool and one a wine cork.  However, all three are as eco-friendly as they are adorable, since natural cork is a completely renewable resource.  Since it's harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree rather than the hardwood itself, the tree is allowed to survive and continue providing cork for generations.    The lightweight, durable "family" can be used as either side tables or stools, and make a great eco-addition to any home or office.

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