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America's New First Lady Baracks Fashion

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Michelle Obama

The inauguration of President Barack Obama has ushered in a new generation of leadership in America.  So itís only fitting that our newest First Lady has also ushered in a new era of style.  Gone are the household names that once dressed our nationís first families.  Instead, Mrs. Obama turned to two young, foreign-born designers for her inauguration-day garb, creating two instant superstars in the process.

For daytime activities including the swearing-in ceremony and parade, Mrs. Obama turned to Cuban-born designer Isabel Toledo, who custom designed a golden-yellow sheath dress and matching coat reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy.  Ever the practical, woman-we-can-all-relate-to, the First Lady accessorized her outfit with olive green gloves from J. Crew Ė a fashion statement within the reach of most Americans.  Toledo did not learn that her ensemble has been chosen until the morning of the ceremony, when she turned on the TV and saw the First Lady in her outfit.  Equally surprised was 26-year-old Jason Wu, who learned his flowing white, one-shouldered inaugural ball gown had been selected by the First Lady only when Mrs. Obama made her entrance.   Expect to see more of these and other up-and-coming designers over the next four years, as our new First Lady makes her mark on the fashion world. 

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