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From Givenchy to Target - the Strange Journey of Alexander McQueen

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Famed fashion icon Alexander McQueen once claimed he “never understood” Target.  The low-priced, mass market chain was very far off the radar for the British-born designer, who rose to fame as the head of the ultra-luxe French fashion house Givenchy, and later entered into a partnership with the even more chi-chi house of Gucci.    Still, McQueen, like many designers, still craves exposure.  And when he realized that, outside of New York, L.A. and their surrounds, few Americans had heard of him, he saw a partnership with discount giant Target as the key to increased visibility.  And McQ Alexander McQueen for Target was born.

The line makes McQueen the latest couture designer to join Target’s crusade to bring high style to the masses, joining a laundry list of superstars from Mizrahi to Rogan to maternity maven Liz Lange.  It also makes his signature rock and roll style available to a whole new group of consumers, especially young people with limited budgets.  While a genuine Alexander McQueen will run into the thousands of dollars, nothing in the McQ Alexander McQueen for Target line costs more than $129.99 – and that includes a collection or prom dresses!  Which may be a brilliant way to turn the McQueen teen of today into the couture consumer of tomorrow.

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