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Gossip Girl Has the Fashion World Buzzing

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Gossip Girl tv show, famous designer

Think of it as a case of art imitating life, which then imitates art.  That's a convoluted-yet-accurate way to describe the relationship between the fashions featured in the surprise TV hit "Gossip Girl" and their young, fashion savvy-audience.  The CW network show is based on the oh-so-fabulous lives of the privileged teens – one whose mother happens to be a famous designer -- who attend a tony Manhattan private school.   Quoted in this month's "Vanity Fair," series star Blake Lively (yes that appears to be her real name) remarked "We copied it from their lives, now these girls are copying us."

  The pilot episode featured Blake's character topping her school uniform with a simple Chanel coat that costs more than many high school students' cars.  A Burberry coat also made an appearance, as have several other designer duds.  But since one of the characters IS a designer, the show has offered a huge amount of exposure to previously little-known Abigail Lorick, who's real-life Lorick line "plays" the part of the show's oft-featured "Waldorf" line.  A backless dress featured in one episode caused a minor sensation, as real-life New York girls strive to emulate their TV counterparts.  Will TV transform Lorick into the next Chanel?  Watch and see…

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