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Italy's Hottest Designer Does New York

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If you want to design a retail store that will lure the window shoppers inside to buy, you can't go wrong with Italian wunderkind Fabio Novembre.   In Novembre's hands, illuminated transparent chartreuse display tiers transform a shop into a something resembling a top nightclub.  Austere, rectangular display columns rise toward the ceiling like a minimalist forest.  The female torso is constructed from paper and wire Chinese lantern style and lit from within.  In pink.   Every interior is different and amazing -- a retail wonderland you have to see and experience to believe.

The latest retailer to enlist the talents of Novembre who, amazingly, cannot draw, and actually writes out the descriptions of his concepts like stories is upscale footwear brand Stuart Weitzman.  Weitzman showrooms around the world will be receiving the Novembre treatment, but you can check it out now at their Madison Avenue store in New York City.  For the Weitzman brand, the designer has created a look of modern opulence, with ribbon-like shelves that wrap around the store walls and present the merchandise as beautifully wrapped gifts.  The shelves are constructed of cool, white Corian, understated enough to make the product the star while innovative enough to make shopping at Stuart Weitzman an unforgettable experience.  Even if you're not a shoe fetishist, if you're in NYC, you should definitely check it out.

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