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Meet the New Breed of Models!

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models-Tom Ford,Marc Jacobs,Naomi Cambell,Giselle

First, there were the supermodels.  Naomi and Cindy, Linda and Christy and all the rest of those supernaturally gorgeous Amazons, staring out at us from the catwalks of Milan and the pages of Vogue daring us to even try to look one one-zillionth as good.  Then came the celebrity models Chloe Sevigny, Sofia Coppola and Scarlett Johansson, showing the rest of the world that apparently it's not enough to simply be a famous actress or director when you also happen to look great in designer clothes.  Now, get ready for the next wave of models to take the fashion mags by storm.  The designers themselves. 

Maybe they're just trying to save the reported toen grand it costs to get Linda Evangelista out of bed.  Maybe they secretly believe they can do it better.  But whatever the reason, designers like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are suddenly strutting their stuff for the cameras and on the catwalk, posing in and out of their iconic creations.  So far the trend appears to apply exclusively to male designers with well-toned physiques.  But who knows where it will lead next?  Will Miuccia be the new face of Prada?  Will we finally see for ourselves which one is Dolce and which one is Gabbana?  And is Kate Moss destined for the unemployment line?  We'll keep you posted.


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