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Sex and the City Style

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sex and the city with Patricia Fields

When the "Sex and the City" movie finally premieres at the end of this month, the question on everyone's mind won't be whether or not Carrie will finally marry her Mr. Big.  No, true "Sex" fans know it's all about the fashions, dahling!  So the question of the year is bound to be "what are they wearing?"   Well, in keeping with the wedding theme, legendary costume designer Pat Fields has decked our the ladies in "something old" get ready for the Great Manolo Robbery as well as the usual suspects like Badgley Mischka, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo and heaps more.  There'll be plenty of "something new" as well, with of-the-moment labels like lingerie designers The Lake & Stars, who star Sarah Jessica Parker personally requested for the film.

The famous Ms. Fields has been extremely closemouthed (or should we say clothes-mouthed?) about specifics, speaking to the press mainly in generalizations about how each iconic character's style has evolved.  Of course, anyone who's seen the film's trailer has no doubt spotted Carrie twirling in an elegant wedding dress apparently that frock was designed by Vivienne Westwood, while a Badgley Mischka also contributes a wedding gown for another character.  No word if Carrie and company will all live happily ever after, but at least we know they'll all look fabulous.


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