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A Table with a Secret

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It's the age-old debate that's torn thousands of couples apart.  He wants a billiard table so he can relax and have fun, entertain his friends, and add to the dude-friendly party ambiance of their home.  She, on the other hand, is dead set-against it, for reasons ranging from "we don't have the space," to "I'll drop dead before I let that hideous green felt monstrosity in my perfectly-designed house."  Well, Mr. and Mrs. America, we have good news for you.  It's called the Fusion table, and it's an unbeatable solution to the "Should We Or Shouldn't We Get A Pool Table" argument.

Designed by Aramith – a company better known for designing billiard balls than modern furniture -- the Fusion is a simple dining table featuring clean, modern lines that fits in perfectly with any modern décor.  No one would ever guess that underneath the elegant veneer top, the table hides a secret.  Inside is a cleverly concealed, full-sized billiard table that is usable in mere seconds.  Fusion tables are available in wenge, walnut, cherry, light oak or grey oak veneers, as well as metal and veneer combos.  There's sure to be a look that fits into almost any home, finally allowing good design and good times to coexist.

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