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Cool Portable Fireplaces - A Cozy Modern Convenience

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Cool Portable Fireplaces, A Cozy Modern Convenience

In a traditional home (and by traditional, we mean “old-fashioned”) gathering around the fireplace meant that you would be going to a predictable spot in the home, that was likely along a wall somewhere. But as modern people, we like our fireplaces like we like our TVs, telephones, and lunches: PORTABLE. 

Conmoto makes the Travelmate fireplace that can be moved around just like your sofas and chairs. The contraption uses an easy open/close fuel chamber and operates without producing any smoke.

The Apollo Tabletop Fireplace is diminuitive is size (4.75"W x 11"L x 13.75"H), but it's sure to make a big impression. At your next dinner party, skip the floral centerpiece and place one or two of these beauties on the table for a very seductive ambiance.

The Eco-Smart Q fireplace was the 2009 winner of the "Coolest Green Product" award at the New York House Magazine's Innovative Green Design Awards. The striking, spherical piece uses ventless technology and is crafted from fiberglass, stainless steel and toughened glass. The fireplace uses denatured ethanol, which is environmentally friendly and renewable.

From Vauni, the "Globe" fireplace is like having a controlled ball fire that you can place anywhere you want. The piece can be mounted on the wall, on a stand, or simply placed on the floor. Despite the cast iron or granite finish choices, the globes is light weight - making it truly portable for it's substantial size.

A portable fireplace can be a terrific way to add excitement, texture, and warmth to the otherwise cool and straight lines of a contemporary space. And with no need for chimneys, there's no need to worry about structural changes to your home.


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