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Form Trumps Function: Italian Tubs Let you Bathe in a Dish or Shoe

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If you live a form over function type of lifestyle there are some visually stunning choices you can make with your interior design. Once such choice is the Leggera bathtub from Ceramica Flaminia of Italy. The tubís shape and expansive dimensions mean that even the tall people should be able to stretch out in itís comforting cradle shape. But if itís a childís splashy bath time you need, this looks like a watery mess waiting to happen.

The Paper Duralight tub is brought to you by another Italian company - Teuco. Designer Joan Talocci gives us minimalism with a twistÖ or a peel. The freestanding tub combines quartz, resin, and wood to create the illusion of a leaf of paper peeling away from the structure. The tub has an interesting look, but the sharp corners and the crevices created by the pseudo paper leaf seem like dangerous elements to have around ones tender bits. Just make sure youíve got some non-slip elements on your floors!

Both of these tubs have their quirks. but they stay within reason. Meanwhile, those that like to forgo all sense of reasonable function (not to mention any semblance of sophistication) might choose this crazy shoe-shaped tub from designer Massimiliano Della Monaca. If you have more money than sense, this glass mosaic monstrosity will set you back $17,000.
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