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Home Decor Gets Patriotic

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According to tradition, you are not supposed to let the American flag touch the ground.  However, now you can walk all over it – or at least an artistic interpretation of it – thanks to British rug master Luke Irwin’s latest creation.  Titled “Doves and Stripes,” this six by nine foot rug is a unique take on Old Glory, with the stars from the Stars and Stripes replaced with a flock of doves, which seem to be taking off from the blue field and flying across the red and white stripes.    Doves are the international symbol for peace, so Irwin’s rug makes a unique statement about America at the dawn of the Obama era.  Or it could be an homage to Jasper Johns and his iconic U.S. flag paintings.  Or maybe it’s just a really cool rug.

Born in Dublin in the late ‘60s, Irwin came to rug designing rather late in his career, having worked in theater, opera, public relations and fine antiques before launching his eponymous rug line in 2003.  He is known for bringing whimsical and creative designs to the floor, including patterns featuring toucans, geese and parrots, a gaggle (or flock?) of ostriches, and a turn-of-last-century child in various exercise poses.

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