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Instant Style with Creative Lighting

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Instant Style with Creative Lighting

Letís face it: not everyone is blessed with the talent for good decorating. The number of choices and elements that might make up just room can be very overwhelming - especially if youíre short on money, time, or vision. But when in doubt, there always one key thing that can bring instant style to any space: LIGHTING.

Say youíve decided to be safe with your furniture choices. You have quality pieces, but with simple lines and neutral colors. Itís a decent choices, considering that your investment will likely last for years without looking dated. But avoid being bland and add your personal touch with a unique chandelier or a funky lamp. Choose the keywords that describe your style to see which unique lighting might be right for you.

Clean lines - Futuristic:

From hansandfranz, which consists of German designers Konstantin Landuris and Horst , thereĎs the "Troja" arc floor lamp. Via

Youthful - Retro:

Braziliam designer Anderson Horta brings us this fun Pac Man ghost lamps. More at

Artsy - Modern:

The Carbon 451 lamp by Marcus Tremento demonstrates the versatility of lighting made from carbon fiber. The lamp is limited edition with just 10 white and 10 black produced. Via

Industrial - Innovative:

English designer Guy Brown created the Reel Light using just a skeleton frame and a very long cord. When unraveled the orange cord reminds of a construction zone, but wrapped up it serves as a pleasant pop of color. Afterall, you never know when youíll need to plug in your lamp from 50 feet awayÖ

Minimalist - Quirky:

The Lena lamp is a minimalistís dream. Created by designer Christian Strauss, the lamp is as simple as it comes, yes striking in itís unusual design.

Glamorous - Modern:

Available here at KMP, this fixture from Bontempi brings the glamour of crystal with out the stuffy nature of traditional chandeliers.

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