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New Trends in Wallpaper

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Wallpaper has been around forever or at least since the wealthy gentry in Renaissance Europe decided to replace the expensive tapestries that had been used to spruce up the walls of the Middle Ages with printed paper.  Since that time, wallpaper has gone in and out of fashion, but has continued to evolve according to the style of the day, featuring different textures, patterns and looks to reflect current trends.

Still, today's trends, combined with current technology, are bringing wallpaper into an era unlike other, with a range of styles and functions that have never been seen or sold before.  Wallpaper is getting interactive, transforming from mere decoration to something that's actually a functional part of the home.  For example,  Dutch designer Christiaan Postma has designed wallpaper that is basically a series of calendar pages you can create a wall with an entire year's events on it and even write important dates right on it, where everyone can see them.  Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson designed a wallpaper pattern called 'the family' that basically consists of images of different frames homeowners can add their own photos or other details to personalize the paper to their own lives.  And "green walls," by Mass Studies, actually allow you to grow grass or other plants on your wall.  Meaning whatever your individual taste, there's probably a new wall covering that is just right for you.

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