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Niedermaier Brings Modern Art Home

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Since its installation in Millennium Park in 2004, British artist Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture has been an integral part of the Chicago landscape, as well as an iconic piece of millennial modern art.  Nicknamed “The Bean” by locals for its flowing form (which was actually inspired by a drop of liquid mercury), the stainless steel, mirrored sculpture weighs 110 tons, stands 33 feet high and 66 feet long, and forms a “gate” visitors can actually walk through.  Which is all amazing and breathtaking and wonderful – but a little difficult to display in your house.  Until now.

Niedermaier, the modern interior design firm most closely associated with Chicago, has created their own version of Cloud Gate -- in a far more convenient, portable size.  They’ve called their Kapoor-inspired tabletop sculptures the Cloud 9 series, and they measure a very convenient 17 inches long and 11 inches high.  The sculptures closely mimic Cloud Gate’s fluid form although they are made from metalized pewter over cast fiberglass rather than stainless steel.  They’re marvelous on a mantle, captivating on a coffee table, and bring a touch of modern art to any home.  Although the only creatures that can walk under your own, personal Cloud Gate are probably ants.

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