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Putting the Book in Bookshelf

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For people who really, really, really love to read, designer Jim Rosenau has created what may be the ultimate bookshelf.  Instead of boring old wood, or glass, or perspex or metal or any other typical building material, Rosenau's bookshelves are made…of actual books.  Not only that, his creations have wacky themes.  The "Who Done It?" bookshelf is comprised of the following titles:  "Anatomy of a Murder," "All the King's Men" and "Who Killed Humpty Dumpty?" – and also includes an egg beater!  While his "Myths that Live Today
shelf is constructed from books titled "You are Younger than you think," I'll Quit Tomorrow," "Anyone Can Still Make a Million" and, for that matter, "Anyone Can Do Anything."

The book-shelf bookshelf idea came from an essay titled "Books as Furniture."  The title intrigued Rosenau, who was raised in a house containing 5,000 books – and certainly offered plenty of inspiration, if not actual material!  His functional art company, unironically named This Into That, is based in onetime hippie mecca of Berkeley, California, and his work is represented by dealers across the country.  He takes custom orders for theme shelves – like the legal thriller shelves that were commissioned by an attorney.  Could a sleek, modern shelf created from design books be far behind?  We'll be on the lookout.
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