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Redecorating in a Recession

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The global economy is crashing.  Unemployment is skyrocketing.  Credit is harder and harder to get.  Which means that if you’re hoping to redecorate your house before your holiday guests show up, you may feel like a new look is just beyond your reach.  But fear not.  While this holiday season may not be the ideal time to invest in all-new furniture, not to mention that shiny new bathroom or kitchen remodel, there are plenty of ways you can spruce up your surroundings without breaking the bank.

You can’t beat a fresh, new paint color for changing the look of a room.  Metallic silver is an especially hot look.  And don’t worry about covering all your walls with color.  One “feature wall” is all you need.  Changing the color of your accessories, like throw pillows, vases and bowls, and even the art on your walls, is also an inexpensive option.  And if you absolutely must have a piece of new furniture to add to the mix, you can’t go wrong with modern accent tables.  They’re usually much cheaper than high-quality chairs or sofas, and the right coffee or side table can really make a difference in a room – without making much of a dent in your bank account. 

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