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Wood is for wussies.  Concrete is so conservative.  And let's face it – marble is just misused.  If you're looking for the newest, modest, hippest trend in flooring, you need to go back to a material that was once regarded as out-of-date, as hopelessly un-chic, as totally and completely passĂ©.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we're talking…about vinyl.  But wait.  Before you click that mouse and leave this page, dismissing us as tragically tacky, allow us to explain. We're not talking about those old-timey vinyl floors that pretended to look like brick or Mexican tile.  We're talking about wild colors, crazy patterns and geometric shapes not usually found underfoot.

The line of flooring is called Karim Kolors, after its famous and talented designer, Karim Rashid.  Created for Azrock's synthetic tile line, Karim designed his new system to take flooring out of the box and allow interior designers to create whatever look suits their fancy.  Azrock's flooring is geared toward commercial clients, however, Karim Kolors are so unique, with tiles in nearly every shape and color imaginable, we won't be surprised if they start popping up in some cutting-edge, modern homes.  And as an added bonus, they're eco-friendly, as vinyl is not only newly hip, it's 100% tree free.

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