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Dubai to Build the World's Next Tallest Building

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Dubai Building, the Worlds Tallest Building

Remember the days when America was the biggest and best at everything?  When the World Trade Center, the Sears Tower and the Empire State Building topped the Guinness World Record Book lists of "World's Tallest Building?"  Well, a lot can change in a couple of decades.  First, the citylines of Asia reached for the sky, and left the USA in the dust.  Now, the place to go big is the Middle East particularly the uber-rich country of Dubai where the world's tallest building is nearing completion, and an even taller one is in the planning stages.

The silvery // Dubai's final height is a secret, but it recently clocked in at a new record height of 2,257 feet and has almost a year of construction left.  The new tower, to be built by state-owned developers Nakheel, will be more than a kilometer (3,281 feet).  That's the length of more than 10 American football fields, all stacked on top of each other.  Or three Chrysler Buildings end-to-end.  No wonder the tower will take more than ten years to complete!  The building is set to be the central point in a new, Nakheel-built development located between two of Dubai's famous artificial islands.  Of course, by the time it's done, there will no doubt be an even taller building under construction somewhere in the world.

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