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Fifth Richest Man Builds Number one Most Expensive House

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With the housing crisis in full swing, you may notice home prices in your area dropping.  However, as they do, the most expensive house in the world is in the midst of being created, and is scheduled for completion early next year.  The house, named Antilla, is a 550 foot skyscraper built to accommodate a single family of four.  Of course, the head of this family happens to be the fifth-richest man in the world, Indian petrochemical magnate Mukesh Ambani.  The price tag for his soon-to-be-completed family home?  It's estimated the house will set him back about two billion dollars.  Yes, that's billion with a "b."

So what will two billion dollars buy in a single family home?  The building could be 60 stories tall, but since Mr. Ambani prefers his ceilings high, it will rise a mere 27 stories or 22, depending on which report you believe.  The house will provide Ambani, his wife and two children a total of 400,000 square feet of modern interior space to spread out in, including a two-level "health club" with swimming pool, yoga studio and the new must-have in luxury living, an ice spa featuring man-made snow!  Other features include six levels of parking, four floors of open-air gardens,ultra modern furniture and furnishings and two floors designated specifically as the emergency rendezvous point.  Seems you can never be too careful even in your own personal skyscraper!

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