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Maybe We Should Call Them NYPD Green?

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NYPD, New York City

New York City Police are famous for everything from their love of donuts to showing their (fictitious) bare bottoms on television.  Now, they're going to be the first eco police department thanks to their newest Station House.  Located in the borough of Staten Island, the 121st Police Precinct Stationhouse will be a modern, linear structure designed to make the most of an irregular site.  But it's beauty will be more than skin deep -- the nearly 49,000 square foot station is being built under New York Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC sustainable design initiative, with a goal of achieving LEED Silver certification through the U.S. Green Building Council. 

The project is being designed by renowned architect Rafael Vinoly, whose firm has lent their good design sense to many public and institutional buildings, including the nearby Bronx County Hall of Justice, along with projects stretching from Tokyo to The Netherlands to South America.   Vinoly initially tried to make his mark on the New York City skyline with his World Trade Center memorial proposal a pair of amazing, open-air towers that resembled two enormous pieces of art towering over the rest of the city.  Instead, the Uruguay-born architect and his firm will add a touch of green to the boys in blue, becoming yet another firm to embrace the new ethos of sustainable design.
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