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New York's Switch Building Lets Residents Have it Both Ways

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If you've ever dreamed of living in an art gallery, a new, New York City building is offering the next best thing.   Tucked among the former tenements of the Lower East Side, the Switch Building places four one-level, full-floor apartments and a duplex penthouse above the new, non-profit Switch Gallery giving a few lucky art lovers the chance to live their dream.  The gallery is just a part of the burgeoning art scene that makes the area, once famed for its Jewish immigrant population and tenement housing, one of the Big Apple's hottest new 'hoods.   

Architecturally, the Switch building makes an original statement, beginning with the street-level gallery that opens to the sidewalk via a black hot-rolled steel and glass storefront.  But it's the upper floors, designed to take on the challenges of local zoning restrictions in an innovative way, that give the building its name and its uniqueness.  The angled front facade "switches" back and forth, so while each full-floor apartment is identical, each is allowed space, light and its own unique view.  The balconies at the rear of the building work the same way, alternating sides to provide double height spaces that let in the light.   Making the building itself a very livable work of art.
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