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The Leaning Tower Of... Abu Dhabi?

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Dhabi Tower | United Arab Emirates

Fans of architectural wonders may soon be replacing Italy with the Arab World on their travel itineraries.  Because the world's "most leaning tower" – or as the Guinness Book of World Records will refer to it, the building that is "most inclined in the world" – will soon join the skyline in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates.   And it's definitely designed to give its famous predecessor in Pisa a run for its money.  While it looks like it might topple over at any moment, the incline on the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a mere 4 degrees.  This new the Abu Dhabi tower, known as Capital Gate, will lean to the west an incredible 18 degrees.

Most amazingly, visitors won't even have to leave their hotel to visit this wonder-in-the-making.  Capital Gate will be home to the Hyatt at Capital Centre, a five-star hotel set to open in 2009 that Hyatt claims will be one of the most exclusive in the world.  More industrious types will actually be able to go to work in the building, which will be home to some of the UAE's most sought-after office space.  Just one question?  How will they get any work done in an office that's tilted 18 degrees?     

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