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Zaha Hadid presents; the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum in Vilnius

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Great news in the world of design yesterday since diva of architecture, Zaha Hadid was announced to be the winner of the museum in Vilnius, Lithuania. The competition was funded by the Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation and the Stage Hermitage Museum and is considered to be a great step towards the development of contemporary and media art in Vilnius, Lithuania. Another important role of the museum is a vivid enrichment in the quality of the European cultural life, vital for the area. 

The architectural competition was an exploration of form and function that implements a study of the economic and cultural perspective of a world class museum in Vilnius. A mystical object floating above landscape; was the conceptual design of Zaha Hadids entry, with three important elements; lightness, velocity and fluidity. Together combined, they defy gravity and mesmerize the viewer. A large sculptural mass, the museum contrasts and challenges the linear skyline of Vilnius business district manifesting a new cultural significance.

"I am delighted to be working in Vilnius on the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum" says Hadid. "The city will be the European Capital of Culture in 2009 and has a long history of art patronage. With such an interest in the arts, Vilnius will continue to develop as a cultural centre where the connection between culture and public life is critical. This museum will be a place where you can experiment with the idea of galleries, spatial complexity and movement."
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