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Art Goes Green at New San Jose Library

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We all know green technology is good for the planet.  What might come as a surprise is the fact that it can also be beautiful.  As part of the surrounding Silicon Valley’s Green Vision project, promoting economic development through environmentally-conscious projects, San Jose, California’s new Pearl Avenue branch of the public library features an example of technology at work that is – literally – shining.  Standing tall and proud alongside the usual racks of books, periodicals and DVD’s, the library’s focal point is a unique piece of modern art that combines gleaming art glass with functional photovoltaic (PV) cells.

The piece, titled Solar Illumination I:  Evolution of Language, is the result of collaboration between Peters Glass Studies and artist Lynn Goodpasture.  It is comprised of four windows constructed of brilliant, brightly-colored art glass decorated with letters and characters from the four alphabets used in mankind’s first writings – Latin, Russian, Vietnamese and Indian.  Suspended in the middle of the windows is a glass lamp illuminated by LED, which is powered by the light harnessed by the treated art glass.  The phrase “We are all one” is engraved on the lamp repeatedly, illuminating a message of unity and hope for the future.   If you plan to be in the Northern California area, this is one off-the-tourist-map site you should definitely check out.

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