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Brad Pitt's Shopping Spree

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By the time you read this, Angelina Jolie may have finally ended the media speculation and popped those twins out, but it seems her equally-gorgeous partner is the one who's nesting.  Pitt was spotted picking up a few items likely for the growing family's new pad in the South of France at the Design Miami / art Basel event in Basel, Switzerland.  And while most dads-to-be concentrate on the staples like cribs, changing tables and rocking chairs, Pitt's spree had a decidedly modernist twist.  And a price tag that could probably put his soon-to-be brood of six through college twice.

Pitt started with an appropriate choice for a man with a houseful of kids a pair of lamps representing a family by Atelier van Lieshout.  The lamps are made of foam and reinforced fiberglass, so they're not only good modern design, they may also be baby safe!  The perpetual Sexiest Man Alive also scored a pair of Ron Arad chairs from New York's Sebastian + Barquet, and a rug from New York's Cristina Grajales that retails for a whopping $175 a square foot, possibly because it's woven from aluminum thread.  The piece de resistance, however, was Dutch Designer Jeroen Verhoeven's Rococo-style coffee table fashioned from hollow white marble.  The cost of this creation supplied by London's Carpenter's Workshop Gallery?  A whopping $293,000. 

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