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Deconstructing David

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Brad Pitt, Angelina, Florence, Italy

Year after year, visitors to Florence, Italy stand in a long, long line, patiently waiting for their chance to gaze upon the most perfect man ever to grace the earth.  No, we're not talking about Brad Pitt everyone knows he and Angelina are living in France these days.  We're talking about Michelangelo's David, the seventeen foot tall, marble hunk or manhood who has represented the male ideal since his birth way back in 1504. 

Now, regular people can have their own, personal David in their own home, and they don't have to be an international art thief to do it.  The design house Global Views is making David available to everyone -- at least some of his more recognizable parts.  David's Eye, Nose and Lips breaks the 500-year-old sex symbol down into three pieces, all cast in ceramic with an ivory crackle finish. You can buy just the eye, the nose, the mouth or any combination of the three, as David's parts are all sold separately.  The good news?  They take up only 18 inches of vertical space on your living room wall.  The bad news?  All of David's parts aren't included.  But maybe they'll try a more x-rated version next year.

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