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Introducing the Neo Con Navigator

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No, it's not a giant SUV for Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Perle to drive around planning world domination in.  It's 2008's very welcome new upgrade to a very large convention – the 50,000 design industry pro-strong NeoCon World's Trade Fair.  The convention will be held at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago June 9-11, and will feature over 1,200 exhibitors and vendors representing the gamut of available interior design products and resources for everything from business to home use.  And while many vendors belong to the "safe and ordinary" category, others hidden among the many booths and exhibit hold the promise of design greatness…if only you know how to find them.

That's there the Neo-Con Navigator comes in.  The Navigator is a comprehensive database of all the exhibitors at the convention, arranged by name, product category and market segment, along with their locations at the exhibit.  So if you want to visit, say, Design Within Reach to check out their latest moderately-priced modernist masterpieces, you simply need to enter their company name and you'll know exactly where to find them.   In addition to furniture, the exhibit has something for everyone who cares about decorating, including architectural products, artwork and accessories, building products and services, fabric, loor coverings, kitchen and bath products, lighting, stone and tile, sustainable design products, technology, textiles, and wall coverings.

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