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Hose Lamp

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Imagine turning on a lamp that can water your plants at the same time.  Believe it or not, it can be done, with the all-new Hose Lamp.  Proudly standing at six feet tall, the lamp is made of an incredible 229 feet of regular garden hose twisted and shaped to hold a light bulb.  It's part of an imaginative collection of furniture by Dutch designer Sander Bokkinga the man behind the design firm Bok.  Sanger claims he was inspired by summers spend in the Dutch countryside, watering the garden, spraying himself and occasionally grappling with the long garden hose.  The collection has tamed the hose into various new incarnations, including two sizes of stools, a vase, a lounge chair and a dining chair. 

When viewing the lamp and other pieces, your first might be to ask, "How does it stand up without falling to the ground like a regular garden hose?"  Bokkinga won't reveal his secret, saying only that "there's magic inside."  Of course, since the pieces are made with real, functional hoses, there could actually be water inside although we're not about to mess with these amazing pieces to find out.  However, since they are made of garden hoses, they are perfectly suitable for use in the garden as well as indoors.

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