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Say you spend a lot of time on the computer, but you also love modern design.  Say your ideal workstation would combine easy access to your computer with the unbeatable comfort of a Le Corbusier lounge chair.  Now say you're not dreaming.  Designer Kenneth Lylover has created the SurfChair, an ergonomic wonder that combines the sleek style and "never get up" decadence of Le Corb's comfiest creation with everything you need to spend hours online.  No wonder Lylover's creation won the Best Product award at this year's Scandinavian Furniture Fair.  Unfortunately, it's still only a prototype, so the day when you can surf the net in Le Corb style is still somewhere in the future.

However, if you want a modernist workstation solution NOW, check out Globus Artifort's mobile office pod.  Designed by Michiel van der Kley, the pod is more Aarnio than Le Corb, taking its inspiration from the mod 60's Ball Chair.  The flexible, mobile, all-on-one work station actually IS a ball that splits in two to form a groovy, comfortable seat and an equally groovy surface for your computer, mouse and other office paraphernalia.  It may not be quite as comfortable as the surf chair, but it's a great way to bring modernism into your working life or just to make all your design loving friends jealous.

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