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The Bathroom of the Future... Today

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Electronic sensors that release warm water on your feet when you wiggle your toes.  Water that automatically comes out at the exact temperature you like – every time.  A showerhead that can spray like a normal shower or pour water over your head like a sudden summer downpour.  A heated shower wall to keep you comfortable in all seasons.  And all drains, pipes, fittings, electronic components and other unsightly but necessary parts tucked away, where no one can see them, leaving a clean, seamless overall appearance.  These are all just a part of the bathroom of the future.

The vision began as a university project by Finnish students Arni Aromaa and Sauli Suomela.  While studying for their Master of Arts thesis in Industrial Design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, they came up with the idea of a bathroom that would anticipate and cater to the user's needs – and cut down on water waste by making it available in the ideal form and at the ideal temperature for the bather or shower-er.  Famed Finnish firm Pentagon Design decided Arni and Sauli's experiment deserved to be brought to life, and has teamed with a local faucet manufacturer to create the "Smart Bath."  No word yet on when this ultimate bathroom will be available to consumers, but we'll keep you posted. 

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