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The Evolution of the Sink

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  • Back in the day, a sink was just a sink.  It was a basin; usually stainless steel or ceramic, which water ran into, stayed in (with the help of a stopper) and then out of, through a drain.  It was used to wash dishes, or faces, or maybe food.  It was not, however, a work of art.  But at some point over the past few decades, someone somewhere decided that sinks could have style.  From Saddam Hussein's legendary gold basins (which were actually just regular basins covered in gold paint) to shimmering bowls of translucent glass, the humble sink has come a long way. 

Now, a company called Elkay is poised to take the sink to the next level – creating one-of-a-kind models in basically any shape or size or material you can imagine.   Meaning if you want to wash your face in a giant silver flower, you can.  If you'd like all the bathroom sinks at your office to remind clients and employees of where they are with your company logo, you can do that too.  And if you'd like your football-crazed husband to help with the dishes, you can inspire him by installing a football-shaped kitchen sink.  The only limit is your imagination…and of course, your budget. 

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