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The Nintendo Lovers Coffee Table

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Nintendo modern coffee table

For the absolute ultimate in geek chic, one enterprising designer-in-the-making has created a piece of modern furniture that's burning up the blogosphere.  Ladies and gentlemen, may I present…the NES coffee table!  If you think NES must be the initials of the designer, or some code to indicate the table's place in an exclusive, limited line, you're forgiven for your naïveté -- because you're clearly not a "gamer."  No, the NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System, the old school video game console that turned the geek universe on its ear back in the mid '80s.

Designed by "Ultra Awesome" blogger Kyle Downs, the NES Coffee Table is created to look exactly like a supersized version of the original NES controller.  The buttons are protected under a sheet of clear glass, and the entire unit opens to store – guess what? – your video games!  But that's not all.  Not only is the NES Coffee Table an actual coffee table, it also works as a fully-functional NES controller that plays games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong.  The table is not currently available in stores, but Kyle has been kind enough to make his plans available to all you uber-geeks.  And while there's no guarantee the table will go down in design history, you can't help but admit…it is pretty damn cool.

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