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Chocolate... Without the Guilt

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Italian designer ,  modern pieces

If you're hungry for a sweet treat but can't afford the calories, you might want to invest in the world's first "chocolate" bench.  Inspired by chocolate and wood's "common features" (meaning, we supposed, that they're both brown) to bench known as the Sciocola actually looks like an oversized chocolate bar, complete with individual raised squares that make you want to break off a piece.   Unlike most chocolate bars, however, the Sciocola includes dark chocolate (wenge wood), milk chocolate (rosewood) and white chocolate (ahorn wood).  Also unlike more chocolate bars, it won't make you gain weight, and it won't leave a nasty chocolate mess on your rear end when you sit on it!

The bench is designed by Adele Rotella, a young Italian designer who is on her way to becoming an international sensation.  Her modern pieces include the sawdust chair, which also features different tones of wood, beds inspired by magic carpets, and the ultra sleek Tavi table -- where one leg is formed by an elegant piece of bent aluminum that doubles as a magazine rack.  Her cloak stand, which she named Appendino, was featured as part of IMADE first collection and shown at the Tent London exhibition.   Watch for more delectable works for this up and coming design superstar in the months and years to come.

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