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Furniture So Green it Grows

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For people for whom recycling and driving a hybrid just isn't green enough comes the newest trend in eco-friendly design REALLY green furniture.  Designers across the globe are coming up with inventive new creations that do double duty as tables, chairs, or art objects on one hand and planters on the other.  To put it another way, this furniture actually grows. 

Designer Greg Zulkie brings us the Stitch Table, a coffee table with three stainless steel plant pots embedded in the surface.  The table gets its name from the mahogany "stitches" that link the maple surfaces, and ensure the table isn't just an example of Green Design, but Good Design.  The more rustic looking Living Wall Planter is like a piece of art that grows a wood framed box designed to be planted with various types of greenery and then hung on the wall like a painting or photograph.  Our favorite example of the trend, however, is a chair called "Let's Grow Some Balls," and no, we don't just love it because of the name!   Designed by Krejci, these white, ball shaped chairs hide secret compartments that are filled with soil and can grow plants or flowers.  And in case that's not green enough, the chairs are also made from recycled plastic. 

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