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Mini Chairs Pay Tribute to Top Designers

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Say you've always wanted your very own, Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair.  The iconic seat, first designed in 1959, is a modern classic, and is still in production today.  The only problem?  Owning an authentic Egg Chair reproduction can be a bit pricey.  Authentic versions of the mid-century masterpiece go for upwards of five thousand dollars, and even less expensive knockoffs will set you back a few thousand bucks as well.  So what's a dedicated design devotee to do?  Luckily, there's another way to bring modern design classics into your home.  You can buy them in miniature.

The Vitra Company, known for manufacturing authorized reproductions of classic pieces by designers from Le Corbusier to Frank Gehry, produces many of the most important pieces in modern furniture history.  Each chair is a near-exact replica of all the details of the original, from the design and idea to the material and color, all built on a scale of 1:6.  And the prices are scaled down as well.  For example, that Egg Chair our hypothetical design fan was coveting?  He (or she) can have a miniature version for a mere $695.  A doll house version of George Nelson's Coconut Chair is an oh-so-affordable $270.  Which means everyone can afford to bring a mid century classic into their home.  Just don't try to sit on it.

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