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Modern designs-The Newest Bathroom Must-Have

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Glass block is so eighties.  Bare walls are…well…bare.  If you're looking for this year's must-have bathroom accessory, it's time to hit the internet and track down your very own illuminated bathroom screen.  The screen modern design is somewhat ornate, but the fact that it glows from within makes it oh-so-modern.  No wonder these screens have been the talk of the recent design shows and blogs, usually appearing alongside an equally fabulous transparent bathtub.  The downside?  These beautiful bathtub screens can't possibly be cheap, as they're designed and manufactured by London based designer Jona Hoad.

Hoad specializes in creating and manufacturing unusual modern lighting products for luxury hotels and restaurants, along with yachts (yes, yachts are actually a Jona Hoad specialty) and other luxury residences.  His Catherine Wheel ceiling light,  combining the reflective qualities of mirror with detailed laser etching, recently captured an award, and his color-changing (at the touch of a button, no less), illuminated DeVigne Bar and London's Mandeville Hotel has also garnered plenty of positive press.  So while his , bathroom screens may be pricey, if you absolutely must have a Hoed in your home you can be sure they'll only increase in value.  Today, they're an internet sensation – tomorrow, they may be a classic.

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